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MFamily 1 – First Edition (2013-2015)



“It has been challenging for me. This is exactly what I was looking for. I learned a lot from classroom experiences with my classmates and different European professors. (…) I feel that I have grown so much and I learned a lot. I also feel proud of myself that I was able to conquer the challenges I faced. It has been an amazing experience altogether.“


“Most importantly, the ability to learn from colleagues in class through constructive discussions, arguments and counter arguments. I also feel that the internships and seminars have been very helpful especially to enable us understand the welfare systems and the rationale behind the different models in European countries. This then provides the premise to apply this knowledge to improve welfare provisions in our own countries.”


“I was amazed by the number of professors (…) They had vast experience and very knowledgeable with different methods and styles of teaching. I was able to learn a lot from them (…) I also learnt much from my course mates more especially during discussions and group work and their personal experiences. It was well coordinated and I hardly found any problem.”


“I am learning a lot. New things have opened my mind. More than expected. It has been an excellent experience.”


“I like that I am able to compare/contrast the European standard of work with families with the standards with which I am familiar. Getting practical experience through the internships was very rewarding.“


 Guide prepared by students from MFamily 1 - First Edition: Unofficial basic guide before Lisbon

 Guide prepared by students from MFamily 3 - Third Edition: Basic Guide for Norway

Video made by Paulina Santos Alatorre, MFamily Programme Representative at the Erasmus Mundus and Alumni Association, representing her experience as an Erasmus Mundus MFamily student:

Students and Teachers Testimonials (You Tube channel):

1st Edition

2nd Edition

3rd Edition



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