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 University Consortium and Coordinators

The European Master in Social Work with Families and Children (MFAMILY) University Consortium has four partner institutions:

Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE-IUL), Lisbon, Portugal (Coordination institution)

ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL) is a public teaching and research institution established in 1972 in Lisbon, Portugal. ISCTE-IUL comprises the oldest and the most prestigious Sociology Department in Portugal, hosted in the School of Sociology and Public Policy, along with the Research Centre of excellence CIES-IUL. ISCTE-IUL and the School of Sociology and Public Policy are strongly committed to family, social work and social policy education and research, accounting for more than 20 years of teaching and research in Family Social Work and Social Policy. Scholars of ISCTE-IUL created a Research Group on Family issues in the mid-1980’s, and the first master programme in Sociology of the Family started 15 years ago. ISCTE-IUL also was the first university to offer a Ph.D. in Social Work in Portugal. ISCTE-IUL researchers are proud to develop and participate in many research projects both at national and international level, as well as advise on family and social policy to the national government and local authorities.

For more comprehensive information on ISCTE-IUL, please visit our official website.

University of Stavanger (UiS), Stavanger, Norway

The University of Stavanger, Norway, is a progressive, innovative university where education, research and quality are in focus. Academic activity is organized in three faculties and two national research centres of excellence, including the International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS), which is highly acclaimed internationally. The university has a 40-year tradition in the area of Social Work and offers top class education from the bachelor to the PhD level. The Social Work programme has strategic teaching and research focus on social work with children and families in a global and democratic perspective. The department boasts of excellent connections to social work organizations and bodies - regionally, nationally and internationally. UiS also offers dynamic student experience on a campus characterized by stunning nature and strong multicultural focus.

For more comprehensive information on UiS, please visit our official website.

University of Gothenburg (UGOT), Gothenburg, Sweden

The University of Gothenburg (UGOT), Sweden, is the largest university in Scandinavia. With its nine faculties and seventy departments, UGOT is also the most wide-ranging and versatile university in Sweden, offering unique opportunities for cooperation and development. The social work education has been situated in Gothenburg for more than 60 years, having been recently evaluated by the Swedish Higher Board of Education as being in the top quality category in Sweden. The Department of Social Work offers a substantial number of specializations, such as education for supervisors and family therapists, as well as privileged international contacts, and is an important player in international social work, with strong links to teachers and researchers in non-EU countries.

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Makerere University (MU), Kampala, Uganda

The Makerere University is a leading university in Central and Eastern Africa. Its Department of Social Work and Social Administration offers training to produce social work practitioners grounded in skills and theories of social work practice, relevant to local and international standards. The Department's mission is to educate Social Work practitioners who are development-oriented and to prepare competent professionals for both social service delivery and the industrial sector, as well as to influence social policy development and practice in the country through research and information dissemination. The Department's staff members have consulted various governmental and non-governmental agencies, while some senior academics have been appointed either on full time basis or part time basis to senior positions in government agencies/ministries. The Makerere University boasts of a very active participation in EU and international projects and has a long tradition of cooperation with leading international universities.

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